YpsoPump Reservoir CAN – 1.6ml capacity (10/box)

YpsoPump Reservoir CAN – 1.6ml capacity (10/box)


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YpsoPump Reservoir – Flexibility with your insulin of choice

Self-fill reservoir

  • Self-fill with insulin of choice
  • Easy-to-handle filling system
  • Easy-to-read filling level

The YpsoPump Reservoir has been developed for insulin delivery with your YpsoPump system. Using the YpsoPump Reservoir, you can easily fill an empty reservoir with a rapid-acting insulin of your choice at a concentration of 100 U/ml:

  • NovoRapid®*
  • Humalog®*
  • Apidra®*
  • Fiasp®*

You can fill the reservoir with a rapid acting insulin analogue as prescribed by your healthcare professional and store in the fridge (2 – 8 °C) for up to 30 days. The filled reservoir can be used in the YpsoPump for up to 7 days.

Specifications for the YpsoPump Reservoir

  • Suitable for100 U/ml, rapid-acting insulin analogue
  • Size of reservoir: 1.6 ml/160 U
  • Package quantity: 10 reservoirs
  • Usage: For single use
  • Material: Glass cylinder

*For more information regarding your insulin, please consult the package leaflet issued by the insulin manufacturer. The storage time and storage conditions may differ.

SKU: 700013320 Categories: , , ,