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Welcome to LMC Pharmacy-Brampton

LMC Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy specializing in diabetes care, training, complex medication assessments and care plans.

Meet our pharmacists

Meena Patel RPh, CDE, CTE

Certified Diabetes Educator
Certified Tobacco Educator
Registered Pharmacists
Pharmacy Manager
LMC Pharmacy Brampton

Aisha Choudhry, RPh, PharmD, CDE

Certified Diabetes Educator
Doctor of Pharmacy
Registered Pharmacist
LMC Pharmacy Brampton

Sanaa Javed, RPh, PharmD, CDE

Cerfified Diabetes Educator
Doctor of Pharmacy
Registered Pharmacist
LMC Pharmacy Brampton


All are available at no charge from LMC Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacists!
*covered by OHIP, ODB, HPSA or Green Shield

1. Private 1:1 consultations with a Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacist
Quickly book an appointment (often same-day) to have your medication questions and concerns addressed.

2. Save Time! Get all your medication refills and diabetes supplies together
Medication synchronization pairs your prescriptions and diabetes supplies with the clinical support and medication expertise you’ve come to appreciate from our knowledgeable team.
3. We speak your language!
We explain things in plain language – as well as in Bengali, Cantonese, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, Romanian, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese.
4. Free sharps containers
Please drop by an LMC Pharmacy to get a free sharps container to safely dispose of your lancets, pen needles, syringes, sensors and pump sharps.
5. Keep old medications and sharps out of our water supplies and landfill
Please bring your unused, expired medications and full sharps containers to LMC Pharmacy for eco-friendly disposal and to keep away from children and pets.
6. Custom Medication Time Tables for shift workers, fasting and time zones
Diabetes medications are linked to when and how much you eat. If you have irregular hours, are fasting or crossing time zones, let us provide a custom medication time table so you know the optimal timing for all your medications based on your schedule.
7. Hypo Care Plans and family, caregiver and roommate training
Do you know what to do if your blood sugar is going low? What about if you become unconscious? We can provide you, your family and friends a written plan, emergency glucagon “rescue medication” and training.
8. Personalized Sick Day Care plans
People with diabetes recover more quickly and can avoid hospitalization if they know what to do when ill. Let us assess all your medications and create a personlized list of your medications to stop taking when dehydrated or not eating as usual.
9. Medication Coverage Assessment and drug navigation
Is your medication covered? Medications can be expensive. Let us check for coverage programs, help you complete forms and navigate plans such as Trillium.
10. Quick or Reduce Smoking Program
Quick or decrease smoking with a program including a readiness assessment, recommendations to curb cravings and decrease nicotine withdrawal. No charge to ODB and Green Shield plan members.
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