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Diabetes Depot Product Updates & Savings – Tandem, Ypsomed and Dexcom News!

ICYMI – Diabetes Depot now carries Tandem and Ypsomed insulin pump supplies!  We’d appreciate if you spread the word and let your fellow pumpers know. 

As well, we’d like to share some savings codes to use on your next order:

  • DD10SUMMER – $10 off your next order of $100 or more, for being a loyal Diabetes Depot client
  • DDEPOT25 – $25 off a first order of $100 or more, for sharing with friends

Dexcom is coming!  Please keep your eyes out in September for Dexcom Sensors and Transmitters!  At time of writing, Dexcom is covered by public health plans in BC, Saskatchewan and Quebec, as well as through some private plans in a manner similar to processing prescriptions!  Since Diabetes Depot is operated by LMC Pharmacy-Brampton, we can also process Dexcom through online insurance drug plans too.  If you have questions about whether your plan covers Dexcom, please ask us at [email protected]

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